lebanese green bean stew (loobyeh)

this was one of my dad's favorite foods, and one of my favorite foods to steal the meat out of as a kid. i'd be in my room, minding my own business, when i would hear in a thick lebanese accent, "YASMEEN! WHY YOU TAKE THE DAMN MEAT OUT AGAIN FROM THA LOOBYEH?!" i would slyly walk over to the kitchen, blame my brother (which never worked because he hated red meat), and proceed to steal more meat while my dad was too busy making kibbe nayyeh. don't get me wrong, the green beans are effing delicious in this, but c'mon....we're talking about 12 year old fatty yasmeen here.

this dish is in honor of baba, my anti samira whom i used to break green beans with, and carmen's jiddu. nothing like some lebanese love.

auditory pairing: thievery corporation - lebanese blond

oh him? just riding a horse in front of some pyramids while in vet school, yknow...the usual

lebanese green bean stew (loobyeh)
6 servings

1 lb stewing beef, cubed
2 lb green beans
4 tbsp butter (or olive oil if you wish)
1/2 c onions, chopped
2 c tomato sauce
4 c water
4-5 pieces cardamom
salt, pepper
2-3 cloves garlic, crushed in mortar and pestle with some salt

1. pinch off both ends of each bean, then snap in half
2. on medium heat, fry beef with onions in butter until meat is lightly browned and onions are translucent
3. add beans and turn a few times, fry a few minutes
4. add tomato sauce, water, salt n pepper, cardamom, and garlic
5. bring to boil, then cover and simmer slowly
6. cook until meat is tender and beans well done, about 1-1.5 hrs
7. remove cardamom pods and serve with lebanese-style rice


  1. I love you, 12 year old fatty yasmeen. And, I actually really love this dish too, I just pick out the meat. You are seriously, seriously wonderful. Hope your baba and my jid are having a fabulous time out there... xo.

  2. i know they are, my love,i know they are <3