hello kitty cake pops!

jeez....i did it again. left you guys 3 months without any posts. a lot of cooking has been going on, some crazy ridic meals. but alas, i always forget to photograph them. whoopsie! 

 i found the idea for these pops a month ago from the culinary chronicles and immediately thought of making them for my sister-in-law's birthday. therially you guys, so. much. fun.

unfortunately, i only took blurry iphone photos of these, lo siento!

auditory pairing: brazilian girls - pussy

hello kitty cake pops
from theculinarychronicles 
yields at least 20 pops

- chocolate cake--9x13 (use theculinarychronicles cake recipe, or store-bought)
- 16oz tub cream cheese frosting
- white chocolate chips (one bag is enough for 12 cake pops)
- easter egg sprinkles (or any large pink or purple sprinkles)
- rainbow chip sprinkles
- black food coloring (along with a little vanilla extract and a brush)
- lollipop sticks
- styrofoam block
- tweezers

1. thoroughly crumble completely cooled chocolate cake in a large mixing bowl
2. empty tub of frosting into mixing bowl, mix all ingredients in a kitchenaid stand mixer with the paddle hook (one can also just use their hands, this just makes it way faster)
3. once evenly mixed, form ovals for the kitty heads (i used gloves for this part, the mix tends to roll right off gloves)
4. melt a little white chocolate and dip the lollipop sticks into the melted white chocolate, then insert into ovals (bottom of kitty's head)
5. place heads on a parchment-lined baking sheet with sticks in the air...teehee, refrigerate for about 2 hrs
6. hello kitty's ears are formed by 2 white chocolate chips. take each chocolate chip and dip the bottoms into the melted white chocolate, place them on the heads as ears.
7. stand them in styrofoam block to dry
8. when ears are "glued" in place, dip the whole head into the melted white chocolate, tap off any extra coating, and place on styrofoam block to dry.
9. when heads are completely dry, use yellow sprinkles out of the rainbow chip sprinkles for kitty's nose. use melted white chocolate to glue onto the nose area. (i used a tweezer for this)
10. use white chocolate to also apply the easter egg sprinkles using tweezers (or any other larger type) as bows for each kitty pop.
11. once all is dry, use food coloring and vanilla extract to paint on the eyes and whiskers. (i dipped a toothpick into some wilton black food coloring and put it in a shot glass. added a few drops of vanilla extract to make it into a paint consistency. paint on using a brush!)

the verdict? SHE WAS HAPPY! YAAAAAY!