(holy) cherry (eff) cheesecake (this) ice cream (is delicious)

my sweet mom brought me 2lbs of the most fleshy cherries i've ever come across. (why does everything you say sound so nasty?

this recipe fits their tender juicy goodness perfectly. it's as if coldstone creamery had a love baby with your second favorite thing in the world. for instance, mine would be: coldstone x puppy noses = this ice cream. make it. now. or convince me to make it for you.

this batch is for you, derek!

here's also a great way to seed cherries without buying any weird contraption. any piping tip with a large hole will do.

more assembly pics

auditory pairing: bon iver - holocene (go reggie pace go!)

cherry cheesecake icecream
from mommiecooks
yields ~ 5.5 cups

cherry sauce ingredients:
1 1/2 c cherries, seeded, halved
1 c water
1/2 c sugar
1 tsp lemon juice
1 tbsp corn starch

graham cracker crust ingredients:
1 pkt graham crackers, crushed (the packs with 9 full crackers)
2 tbsp sugar
1/2 tsp cinammon
6 tbsp butter, melted

cream cheese ice cream ingredients:
6 egg yolks
1/2 c sugar
1/8 tsp salt
1 c milk
1 1/2 c heavy cream
8 oz cream cheese, softened (neufchatel can be used too)
1 tsp vanilla

for cherry sauce:
1. add all cherry sauce ingredients to small pot MINUS corn starch (cherries, water, sugar, lemon juice)
2. bring to boil, cook 10-15mins
3. mix together cornstarch with 1-2tsp cold water, and stir into pot
4. boil a minute longer until mixture thickens
5. remove from heat and let cool completely in fridge

for crust:
6. in medium baking dish (9x9 or comparable) add all crust ingredients (graham crumbs, sugar, cinammon, butter) and mix well
7. pat into pan and bake @ 350F for 10 mins
8. cool completely

for ice cream base:
9. mix egg yolks, sugar, and salt. set aside.
10. in medium pot, heat up milk and cream until it begins to boil. turn off heat.
11. ladle 1/2 c milk/cream mixture slowly into egg yolks while whisking continuously
12. slowly pour tempered yolk mixture into rest of milk/cream while whisking constantly
13. turn heat on to medium, until mixture thickens up, whisking every minute
14. once thickened, remove from heat and add vanilla and cream cheese (or neufchatel). stir to combine
15. place in fridge to cool completely

16. run chilled ice cream base through an ice cream maker
17. chill ice cream base in freezer for 1/2hr to thicken up
18. scoop half of the ice cream base into a freeze-safe container, add half the cherry sauce, and half the graham crust (crumbled a bit)
19. repeat with ice cream, followed by cherries, followed by crust (crumbled a bit)
20. run a knife through the whole mixture a few times to help everything swirl together
21. place back in fridge and chill completely
22. EAT!


  1. you decapitated those cherries!!!

  2. i don't care what tastespotting says... that first pic of the cone in glass is titillating. you had me at hello.