glazed salmon and fried egg sandwiches...OF BLISS

when i first saw these on tastespotting a few months back, i IMMEDIATELY printed the recipe out and emailed my food-obsessed friends. luckily, their cuss words of joy affirmed my thoughts. 

these things taste like crunchy pancakes. i'm super serial you guys. they taste like crunchy, maple-topped pancakes that explode in your mouf.

jen was nice enough to be my food tester, AND PHOTOGRAPHER! go check out her portfolio. it's pretty prodigious.

auditory pairing: tune-yards - gangsta

glazed salmon & fried egg sandwiches
slightly adapted from the curvy carrot
yields 2 sandwiches

- 2 ciabatta buns, halved, buttered, toasted
- 6oz fresh salmon fillet
- 4 tbsp butter
- 3 tbsp pure maple syrup
- 3 tbsp brown sugar
- 2 eggs
- salt and peppa

1. heat a frying pan to medium-high heat. add 1 tbsp of butter and add salmon. cook for about 3 mins. add a little pat of butter, and flip salmon. cook 3-5 mins more. 
2. lightly flake and remove from pan.
3. reduce heat to medium. in same pan, add 2 tbsp butter.
4. after butter has melted, add the maple syrup and brown sugar. stir to dissolve.
5. add the salmon back to the pan, stir to coat, and let cook around 5 minutes more. until the glaze reduces a bit.
6. in a separate frying pan over medium heat, melt the remaining butter.
7. crack 2 eggs and cook for about a minute.
8. flip and cook through (30 seconds for runny yolks, another minute for harder-set yolks).
9. take your buttered and toasted ciabatta buns, place the salmon atop, add the egg, AND CONSUME WITH VIGOR!

(curvy carrot used smoked salmon, which looked quite delicious as well, you should check her out)


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