le diner

Tuna + beets + cauliflower + aged mimolette + walnuts + arugula + orange + garlic + olive oil = le diner with le garcon!

Pretty simple? Oui. I saw him do this . . .

And this . . .

This one too . . .

Well, he basically diced the mimolette and added it onto the boiled cauliflower. Seasoned that with pepper, added some fresh dill and then pureed in the food processor. Oh and I cannot forget about the roasted garlic, which he added onto the processor and pureed, which, in my opinion was the best part of this side dish.

Then he toasted some walnuts onto a pan, reduced a few tablespoons of balsamic vinegar, added the zest of about half of an orange into the reduced balsamic vinaigrette, roasted and sliced some beets, took a few arugula and voila . . . the salad.

So then, he seared the tuna on a very hot non stick pan, but prior to that he seasoned it with salt and pepper of course, and cooked in until it's a little brown on the outside but of course, very rare (for me) on the inside. Laid the tuna onto the cauliflower mash and did his thing with the plating.

Le diner with le garcon = le love ;)


  1. absolutely scrumtrulescent!!! im green with jealous rage! ;)

  2. this is absolutely gorgeous... i must agree with yasmine. where do i even begin... you know how i feel about beets... arugula... perfectly seared tuna..!! kenny is a gem! why doesn't he have any brothers pour moi???