hummus b'tahini (translates to foodgasm in one's mouth...no, don't look it up)

trust me, i'm lebanese. this is what hummus b'tahini means. oh? you're a language snob and want the classic arabic translation? fine. chick peas with sesame paste. hussy. 

what you are about to experience is the real deal authentic hummus recipe that YOU MUST NEVER STRAY FROM. ok, maybe you can used canned chick peas instead of soaking/boiling dried ones; i will explain in due time, young caterpillar.

auditory pairing: vampire weekend - giving up the gun (cuz of the garlic. i'm so droll!)

hummus b'tahini
(yields ~3cups)

-1c dried chick peas soaked overnight (or 1 can of chick peas)
-2tsp salt
-2 cloves garlic
-3/4c tahini sauce
-1/2c lemon juice
-pinch paprika & extra virgin olive oil for garnish

1. if you used canned chick peas, skip this step (cheater). drain the soaked chick peas and place in a pot with 3c water. add about a teaspoon of salt and boil for 10 minutes. turn the heat to low(ish) and simmer the chick peas for another hour until very soft. drain liquid off (and reserve for later). 

2. puree chick peas in a food processor or blender. you can also just press them through a sieve, but what year are we in, the 1800s?! 

3. crush the garlic (i like to use my mortar and pestle) with the remaining teaspoon of salt. add this to the puree and mix in your processor. 

4. slowly, and alternately, mix in the tahini and lemon juice while mixing in your processor/blender. if the mixture is too dry, add a little reserved water drained from the boiled chick peas (of if you used canned chick peas, tap water is fine). the consistency of the end product should be thick and creamy (get your mind out of the gutter!). adjust salt and lemon to taste.

5. serve in a bowl drizzled with extra virgin olive oil. sprinkle paprika for attractiveness. serve with pita bread/pita chips/crackers/veggies.

now make like a vacuum and suck. the hummus. all of it.


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  1. We just made some of our own hummus last week and it was amazing! Even with my cheater canned beans, it was ten times better than anything I'd ever bought premade from the store.