It's not a sophisticated story nor does it start with something like - "my love affair with foie gras started when I was 10 when my parents and i were vacationing in . . ." It's more like living and growing up in a part of town where I can literally walk to the market and see, smell and hear everything . . . Then moving to a tropical part of a country where rice, beans, plantains, curry goat, jerk chicken, paella, sushi, Mario's burritos (and warm hello's), lambi and pad thai were not staples, but almost are . . . Then there's the occasional visit to a city that they say, "doesn't sleep" to adventurous food trips here, there and everywhere . . . Then . . . coming across something so unfamiliar as grits, spoon bread, biscuits and Southern hospitality which opened my eyes and made me realize that there is a bottomless pot in my gastronomical pot-au-feu . . . What better way to express my ultimate love for food than writing about it with two of of the funniest, wittiest and most beautiful women in my life, who share the same passion for food and each other, as I do. With that being said... Bon Appetit mon Amour. :)