blueberry-tini jelly shots

friends·giv·ing: \'frends-ˈgi-viŋ\
: the act of giving thanks with friends
: a prayer expressing inebriation
3   : a public acknowledgment or celebration of divine fullness

auditory pairing:  generationals - victim of trap

thanks for all the fun, friends!

blueberry-tini jelly shots
adapted slightly from jelly shot test kitchen
yields 15-18 servings

2/3 c prepared lemonade (strained to remove solids)
2/3 c lemon lime soda 
3 envelopes gelatin (these were quite thick, if you're not unmolding them, i think 2 envelopes might do)
2/3 c blueberry vodka
fresh blueberries
plastic shot glasses or similar

1. plop 3 blueberries each in 15 plastic shot glass containers or similar, have a few extra of each on hand in case you make slightly smaller portions
2. combine lemonade and soda in a small saucepan and sprinkle with the gelatin
3. allow gelatin to soak for a minute or two
4. heat on low for 5 mins, while stirring, constantly until gelatin is dissolved
5. remove from heat and stir in vodka
6. pour into plastic containers, and refrigerate for several hours
7. serve!

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